Capital Investments

  Investment Option 1: NSW Freight Station Investment Option 2: Central QLD Freight Station Payback Period 9 years and 4.10 months 9 years and 1.91 months NPV $(103.16) $(72.03) IRR 1.52% 5.36% There are a few items to consider when making a decision on which investment will be more beneficial to the firm. Firstly, the … More Capital Investments

Assignment #3

What a hectic week this has been for me! Assignments left right and centre and tax returns due this week at work, I have definitely been under the pump….. I have at least gotten a start on our final assignment and it was refreshing to find how simple the ratios were compared with restating the … More Assignment #3

Draft is ready!

Hey all, My second assignment is ready to be drafted and is awaiting your feedback! My word document has been posted in the forum as it still does not seem to want to post here. Thanks in advance 🙂 Company Spreadsheet

Just a Reminder

Hey everyone, While I am sure you are all busy away giving other students feedback on their drafts, just a quick little reminder for if you have any spare time I would really appreciate it if you could have a quick look over my draft that I posted in my previous post. Greatly appreciated!! Tahlia


Just wishing everyone a very safe and happy Easter as we come to the long weekend! Done forget to check out my first assignment draft would really love some feedback from you. Stay safe everyone and I hope the Easter bunny finds you all 🙂

Assignment #1 Draft

Hey everyone, So as promised here is my first draft for assignment #1 and the spreadsheet of financials for my company. Company Spreadsheet My word document for some reason doesn’t want to upload to my blog so I have attached it in my forum post here. I would really love to have some feedback from you … More Assignment #1 Draft

I’m Still Here!

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted anything since the company reveal, I have just come back from a little holiday overseas!! Spent the last 10 days soaking up the sunshine on the beautiful island of Bali. While it’s my third time over there it still is such an experience every time I go. But now … More I’m Still Here!